Using The Site

1/ Sign up – with one of the following verification.




2/ Click Dashboard to build your profile, once profile is built;

**Host – Click "Accounts" – left hand panel Click Read Payout Bank Details – Click "View Payout Method" and add you Bank Details you want gaybnb to pay you for your listing.

Back to menu - click list for free to add property, once complete click "list my property" this will be sent to our verification department to approve you property. Once verified we will set to live you will receive an email notification your property is live, you can go into your calendar to set dates and pricing.

** Guest you can start viewing properties and sending request directly to the owners.

An SMS, email an app messaging notification will be sent to you if your booking is accepted or declined, if accepted go to "My Trip" and click on pay, we have 2 payment types Paypal or Stripe credit card processing. Host will be notifed immediately of your payment and you can continue to message each other via our online messaging system.


We strongly advise Both Host and Guest to use the online messaging system this method of communication will help in the event of any disputes as we have all the records captured.

From Your

Gaybnb Team.