Community Standards

Gaybnb is an inclusive community. All members must treat other members with respect. We do not tolerate discrimination or bad behaviour. Anyone engaging in this can result in permanent removal from the community.

We expect members of the Gaybnb community to:

  • Be polite in all communications with other members.
  • Show respect to all members.
  • Only use Gaybnb to list your space or book rooms. We do not tolerate you approaching others for any other reason.
  • Only offer rooms that are fit to live in. Do not list anything you would not live in yourself.
  • Treat all members equally. We do not tolerate discrimination based on age, religion, race, gender, identity, sex, sexual orientation or for any other reason.
  • Respect all laws and regulations relevant to the location of the property.
  • Provide honest information about the property and yourself. The information provided must not be misleading or misrepresent the property or people living in it.

All content on Gaybnb is created by members. We do not visit properties or verify members personally. Where you come across inappropriate content or behaviour, message at  so we can remove it.

When you communicate offsite, Gaybnb cannot enforce these standards. You can still report issue at, Include screenshots that clearly show any breaches of our standards along with the email address or mobile phone number of the user.

Any breach of these standards and other Gaybnb terms and conditions can result in permanent removal from the community. We also reserve the right to report serious breaches to the relevant authorities.