Gaybnbs in Mexico

Traveling to Mexico

If you think spicy food and resorts are all the country has to offer, think again. In addition to having some of the most delicious enchiladas and burritos you’ll find in North America and some of the most mesmerizing beaches in the continent, it’s also known for its ancient archaeological ruins, art displays, indigenous markets, and a happening nightlife.

Plan a holiday to the country and you’ll find you have so much more to do than you thought possible. And hey, what better place to your next vacation to with your partner than Mexico itself? If you need a break from your monotonous routine and dull work life, this is exactly where you should head to for a couple of days!      

Mexico: An LGBT Holiday Destination

As the 31st safest travel destination for LGBTQ individuals, Mexico attracts a huge LGBTQ crowd all year round. With discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation outlawed, it’s a safe and LGBTQ-friendly place to live in as well as visit.

Things have come a long way since 1979, when the country’s first-ever pride parade was organized in Mexico City. While the country definitely saw its share of anti-LGBTQ laws and discriminatory policies, it’s now one of the most queer-friendly places in North America. Same-sex marriage is legalized in all 31 states, worker protection is offered, LGBTQ discrimination is prohibited, and the overall quality of life for the local LGBTQ community is pretty good.

Unsurprisingly, then, Mexico draws a huge crowd for its LGBTQ-friendly sites and events. The country features various gay-friendly businesses, cocktail bars and clubs, beaches, restaurants, and so much more. Puerto Vallarta is a popular LGBTQ holiday destination with its breathtaking mountains, beaches, and lush greenery. Cancun is yet another gay-friendly city, with its diverse restaurants reflecting its culture. Acapulco is famous for its gay night life and the Vegas-style drag performances and shows. And then there’s Mexico City, of course, which has a huge queer population and several recreational spots such as gay clubs, theatres, movie screenings, and trendy restaurants.   

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