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Find LGBT-Friendly Hotels in Australia  

Australia has a certain charm about it that attracts a vast crowd from across the globe. Be it tourists flying in to relax at the Australian beaches or to witness the exotic wildlife, there’s no denying the fact that Australia is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world.

If you choose to visit this magnificent country, you can count on having a good time. This is where nature meets exquisite urban structures, ensuring that visitors get to experience the best of both worlds. From exploring the Purnululu National Park, the Royal Botanical Garden, and Bondi Beach, to pay a visit to the Sydney Opera House and the iconic St. Mary’s Cathedral, you have plenty of activities to look forward to in Australia!    

Have an LGBTQ-Friendly Holiday in Australia

Good news for LGBTQ travelers! Australia has been marked as the 17th safest country for LGBTQ individuals wishing to take a vacation in “The Land Down Under”. The ranking is based on the LGBTQ+ Danger Index that covers the most dangerous as well as the safest travel destinations for the LGBTQ community, from the 150 most-visited countries. Australia, which has a pretty big LGBTQ population, is ranked 17th based on its anti-discrimination laws, same-sex marriage legalization, and adoption regulations.     

When you plan a trip to Australia, you can guarantee having an LGBTQ safe experience. With several LGBTQ-friendly businesses, events, restaurants, bars, and tourist attractions in the country, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to have fun and relax with your travel buddies. As far as accommodation is concerned, you’ll have access to several LGBTQ welcoming hotels, gay-friendly bed and breakfasts, and even shared accommodation.

Sydney is especially an LGBTQ-friendly holiday destination. From popular gay city beaches and queer-friendly bars to some of the most eventful parties that cater to the underground LGBTQ community in the city, it has it all. If you happen to be in Sydney near Mardi Gras, you’ll witness the local queer community go all out and completely transform the streets and public spaces.    

Gaybnb ensures that you have a safe and welcoming stay at your chosen hotel or bread and breakfast. We provide a list of LGBTQ vacation rentals available in Sydney, Australia. You can choose from our list of gay-friendly accommodations and book an LGBTQ welcoming hotel for your visit.


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