Gaybnbs in Argentina

Gay Hotels in Buenos Aires, Argentina

An Argentinian Holiday

Argentina is a country rich in minerals and agriculture and is ranked amongst one of the world’s richest countries.  Argentina is a country full of fauna and flora, streams and rivers and, multitudes of mountains as well as miles and miles of oceanic shoreline.

In 2010 Argentina proudly legalized same sex marriage becoming the first country in Latin America to do so. Their progressive mindset is exactly why Argentina should be a country to add to your bucket list for your next awesome holiday.

Buenos Aires for the LGBTQI Community

Buenos Aires being the capital of Argentina is home to about a third of the entire population. Buenos Aires is a metropolitan and modern city with the hustle and bustle that comes with a big city.

Buenos Aires hosts one of the most extraordinary and inspiring Gay Pride Parades in the world. They have always adopted an extremely progressive mentality when it comes to the lives and rights of the LGBTQI community. The country allows freedom of expression and choice as transitioning for trans gender is widely accepted and embraced. It is not perfect but indeed has pioneered a path many countries can follow.

This mentality has exposed the city to a vibrant and colourful nightlife filled with so many choices in terms of venues and activities. In addition there are many tours, nature activities and just general sight seeing that you will be spoilt for choice while on holiday here.

This city is ever welcoming and always ready for new visitors. To tick this gorgeous country off your list of top ten destinations then checkout right now!