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A Holiday in Brighton

Brighton is a beautiful city located on the South coast of England, just South of London and is often referred to as the happiest city in the United Kingdom. Brighton was historically known as a fishing community but has since become a location for pebbled beaches where most Londoners and travelers go to relax.

The seaside city of Brighton has many unique attractions and has pioneered the way in liberal thinking having had the first nudist beach in the United Kingdom. Brighton is a quirky city with the most diversified, warm and welcoming people.

Brighton has been termed the unofficial Gay capital of the United Kingdom due to their acceptance of all types of travelers.

Brighton as a LGBTQI destination

Historically Brighton was always known as the safe city for the LGBTQI community when the rest of the United Kingdom and the world was intolerant. Today it is a thriving, diverse city that embraces the LGBTQI community.

Brighton is a city nothing short of perfection. There are so many restaurants, pubs, bars and clubs to suit every one’s desires. The culinary offerings is so varied and scrumptious that you will be spoiled for choice. There is something to suit everyone’s palette.

A must see is the Brighton Pride held every August, United Kingdom’s biggest Pride Event. Kemptown in Brighton is definitely the hub for the most enjoyment and activity for the LGBTQI community. Everything you need and more is here for the perfect vacation. There is such calm and peace amongst all people that you will not lack acceptance in this gorgeous tranquil city.

The city is also the major connection point to a lot of cities in and out of United Kingdom such as London and France. Brighton has action sports, water sports and more relaxed tours and is truly a city that houses everything you may need and want.

Brighton is a bucket list destination if you are looking for an outstanding holiday, a good dose of history, exciting activities and out of this world cuisine. Head over to today to experience this amazing city!