Gaybnbs in Brussels

Gay Hotels in Brussels

A Holiday in Brussels

Brussel’s claim to fame is not just being the capital of Belgium but filled with history and culture. Brussels is multicultural and very diversified with plenty of activities to do while on holiday. Brussels is a city rich in history with not so perfect weather but plenty other activities to compensate for the weather.

There are plenty of open air markets as well as tours and activities to make a perfect holiday destination. If the open air markets is not your forte then their indulgence in beer and food is sure to entice you and keep you happy.

Brussels is a city rich in festivals, films and concerts and all forms of entertainment are available for any possible taste. Belgium was the second country in the world to legalize same sex marriages and has pioneered in this area ever since.

Brussels as a LGBTQI destination

Brussels hosts the Pride Parade, a two week celebration of the LGBTQI community in May each year. In comparison the area of the LGBTQI community activities in the city is small but it is located in the heart of the city. There you will be spoiled for choice with eateries and nightclubs.

Brussels is a city laden with French and Dutch however the warm welcoming nature of the people have embraced English as an alternative method of communication. Brussels is so convenient in terms of proximity to other major cities that it is a perfect point to start a multiple destination visit but still interesting enough to visit alone.

A must do is the tours which due to the small size of the city makes it charming and memorable. Brussels is anything you want it to be. It can be loud or quiet, busy or carefree and everything in between. To experience this unforgettable city, check out today!