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A Holiday in Fire Island

Fire Island is a barrier island off the Southern shore of Long Island, New York. Fire Island is well known for their immaculate beaches and serene surroundings. The true beauty of the island is in their unspoiled existence.

The island has maintained it’s charm by not allowing the use of a motor vehicle on the island thereby still maintaining their small town charm. If you are looking for tranquility where riding a bike is still the order of the day then this island is for you. Ocean Beach is the unofficial capital of Fire Island as it is the most populated and also houses the nightlife and stores.

If you are looking for that quintessential unforgettable island holiday then Fire Island is your destination. It may not be big in size but what it lacks in size it makes up in character.

Fire Island as a LGBTQI destination

Two of the most well known LGBTQI hotspots are on this island, namely Cherry Grove and Fire Island Pines fondly known as The Grove and The Pines. Cheery Grove was recorded to be the first gathering in America where gays and lesbians could be free and open regarding their sexuality. This catapulted this little island into a stomping ground for the LGBTQI community for a long time.

Fire Island is quaint where neighbors still know each other, people take long walks holding hands and respect is the norm. Fires Island is home to many resorts and because no public vehicles are permitted there are many boardwalks. There are plenty of deers as hunting is forbidden so to be one with nature is certainly easy on this island.

Fire Island and particularly The Grove and The Pines have numerous house and bar parties however if you are the relaxed type then there is star gazing, nature walks and lots of shoreline. You will however do best to take supplies form the mainland on your trip as not everything is available and whatever you wish to purchase later will come at an exorbitant cost.

To be part of this quaint yet exciting island and experience all they have to offer, check out to book your trip today!