Gaybnbs in Ireland

Gay Hotels in Dublin, Ireland

An Irish Holiday

Ireland is a small island but has people with big hearts. The island has come leaps and bounds in the tourism and LGBTQI arena with their progressive mindset and warm welcoming attitudes.

If you looking for the perfect pint of Guiness or a mixture of heritages then Ireland is a location not to be missed with it’s wide variety of things to do. Ireland is as rich in it’s offerings as it is in its acceptance of all people.

Dublin the island and LGBTQI

Ireland is blessed in history and tradition. Their wit matches their thirst for a great draft of beer and fantastic companionship and banter. Ireland is regarded as the emerging European country for the LGBTQI community.

Dublin is a city with charm, fun and passion. Next to St Patrick’s day the next biggest event is the Dublin LGBTQ Pride which is a week long event at the end of June each year with a colourful and exciting theme every year. There is something for everyone from the outdoor sportsman to the all night party goer.

There are plenty of gay friendly clubs, pubs and bars around that always welcome everyone. In addition there are plenty of activities and sports that can be the perfect compliment to any holiday. In search of outdoor activities and hikes that are gay friendly? No problem! Dublin has dedicated gay friendly groups for everything form outdoor activities to social events.

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