Gaybnbs in South Africa

Gay Hotels in Cape Town, South Africa

A South African Holiday

Looking for a truly memorable African experience that will last forever and be sure to make you come back for more? Then look no further.

South Africa is fondly referred to as the rainbow nation as they embrace all race groups, nationalities and sexual orientations. The rich diversity in cultures makes it the perfect holiday destination especially for the LGBTQI community and one of the most romantic locations for any special occasions.

South Africa is the first African country to legalise same sex marriages and the fifth in the world. People are extremely tolerant, welcoming and embrace everyone. It is often mentioned that South Africa is the gay capital of Africa with Cape Town being the epicentre of all activity related to the LGBTQI community.

The Hot Spot Of South Africa

Cape Town is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The city is home to beautiful beaches, awesome mountain regions, fantastic touristic attractions and some of the friendlies people in the world. The city has so many activities and such a vibrant nightlife that to say you would be spoilt for choice would not be an understatement.

Cape Town is host to the Pride Festival usually in the months of February or March when the weather is beautiful and night life is phenomenal. They also host other gay friendly activities and events throughout the year and is a destination that is fun filled and always exciting but peaceful and laid back if you so wish. Their clubs, bars, restaurants and activities are all LGBTQI friendly and they embrace the culture that will leave you thinking of this as your African home.

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