Gay Hotels in Uruguay

Gay Hotels in Montevideo, Uruguay 

A Uruguay Holiday

Are you looking for a stable holiday destination in Latin America then Uruguay is the country you have been searching for. Uruguay is a country with a consistent economy that ensures a great holiday destination. It is a country that is immigrant friendly with great infrastructure and warm people. There are four seasons with mild temperatures and a well developed road network.

Uruguay is a hidden gem that is small in size but has so many good attributes, one of which is that it is ranked one of the top five wine producers in the world. Indeed Uruguay has so many offerings that it would be a shame to miss this as a holiday destination.

Montevideo the city for the LGBTQI Community

Uruguay is one of the most LGBTQI friendly countries in Latin America. The capital of Uruguay is Montevideo, the port city. Montevideo is a gay friendly city that is ever inviting and welcoming.

Montevideo is home to beautiful beaches and impeccable condition colonial buildings. The city contains a diversity of museums, religious buildings and cultural music production places reminiscent of the good old days.

Montevideo is one of the safest coastal cities with a shoreline that does not contain extreme poverty like other cities in Latin America. The city is culturally warm and welcoming and embraces people from all walks of life. They are typically referred to as an Afro Brazilian city with carnivals and a bustling nightlife.

The food is a combination of different cuisines but made uniquely into a meal of Uruguay. There are many dishes to try but all contain a unique country experience. The cuisine is diversified and can cater to a huge assortment of people and the local food market with it’s wide array of food stalls would be a perfect first stop to experience the mouth watering dishes on offer from starters to main.

This country and city is so charming but yet possesses such a sophistication of offerings for tourists that it is a must see for everyone. To get your Latin American adventure head over to today.